Never Leave on Pre-Order

A twisted psychological thriller about jealousy and revenge. 

Linette Robinson is there for everyone.  Her friends rely on her for a shoulder to cry on. Her ex-husband has moved on but still plays a big part in the upbringing of their children, Millie and Ryan. She is also a part-time caregiver for her elderly parents.

Then, Linette meets Tom Darcy.  Tom is a handsome and charismatic entrepreneur who begins to show her that there is more to life than being everybody’s rock. He proposes that he, Linette, and the children start a new life in Australia. 

When Linette receives messages that Tom is a dangerous psychopath with a dark past, she begins to question her new perfect man. What happened to Tom’s ex-wife, Jaqueline? And how does he really earn his money? Those closest to Linette seem too willing to believe the worst of Tom. They try to stop her from leaving England for Australia.

Is Tom a dangerous psychopath? Or is someone playing jealous games? Will someone do almost anything to make Linette stay?

Even it means taking her or Tom’s life?

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